We are a group of cloth doll makers who meet once a month in Farnborough, Hampshire. There is a range of abilities, but we are all enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills, as well as practice old ones. It's a very friendly and low key environment in which to learn and craft, and while we do that we drink tea, eat donuts and discuss a wide range of topics.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

July meeting

First of all I will start with a wonderful news hot from the grape vine that the wonderful chess set made by our Mavis won, in her class Creative Quilts, in the The Festival of quilts show Birmingham. Congratulations Mavis! We are very proud of you. I shall be putting up pictures of her chest set in the next blogpost.

Last months meeting went off very well. Though we were few yet there were quite a few moments of excitement which had nothing to do with doll making :-).

Makings at the meeting.

Margaret made this darling little teddybear and the two handsome hares were made by Maureen

Maureen's Patti Culea doll is looking elegant and we look forward to seeing her fully completed in the next meeting

Margaret has got into the mood of making bears and here she is making a traditional bear.

Mavis started a beaded caterpillar 

And she is a fast worker here it is already completed and ready to grace somebody's jumper.

Jenny is well ahead of everyone with the Geisha doll. Here she has some gorgeous fabric laid out for the costume.

Karen completed a bigger version of Long tall Sally. I am sure it must have brought a smile on Peggy's face up in heaven.

Here is Shashi's flute player face and hands made with clay. It is an online class that she is doing with Angela Jerescki .

There were some very serious discussions too and I don't have a clue about what :-)

All in all a very good meeting indeed. 

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  1. Hi my name is Barbi Colson, im from Winchester, keen needlewomen, I used to make dolls & toys, but life moved on, however my circumstances have changed and now I have the opportunity to be creative again in that direction. I wondered if I could attend one of your meetings? I found you whilst I was surfing & saw Sally's Santa baby & thought - I'd love to make something like that! which is why Im asking, if not nothing, no problem. many thanks Barbara bcolson at btinternet. com