We are a group of cloth doll makers who meet once a month in Farnborough, Hampshire. There is a range of abilities, but we are all enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills, as well as practice old ones. It's a very friendly and low key environment in which to learn and craft, and while we do that we drink tea, eat donuts and discuss a wide range of topics.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Photo shoot

Ou doll club has been invited to display our dolls in an exhibition next year. So in preparation for that Mavis did a photo shoot of our dolls. Here you can see her busy with the camera clicking away.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

September meeting

Mavis showed us how to make tiny fingers. Here are some of the tiny hands that were made by her for demonstration
 Here is Penny all armed (pun not intended) to make a start on her fingers.

 Some of our new members brought their beautiful dolls to show and here is Pauline with her lovely Barbara Willis doll
Another beautiful mermaid doll which is so tiny made with wire and beads by Pauline.
 Anne's handsome little guy.
Joe busy getting ready for her Patti Culea class.
These are Joe's absolutely adorable little bunnies.
Karen painting the fingers.
Yeah she is finished at last!
Sally busy as usual
Judith getting ready with a pattern.
Mavis and Maureen discussing the nitty gritty of tiny finger turning.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Members and show and tell

This year we have seen an increase in our doll club membership. Some very enthusiastic and talented ladies have joined us and we take this opportunity to welcome you all to our club.

Some of the beautiful dolls made by our old and new members
Jane's doll

Joanne's doll made from Anne Hesse's pattern

Judith's sweety doll

Doll made by Karen

As usual Mavis showed her unusual critter work in progress 

Mavis's crochet teddy bear

We had a new visitor to our doll club and she is hoping to join us from next month which will be wonderful. This is a doll made by her. 

This is Anne's 'The grape picker'

Anne's 'Mum's day out' doll which was entered in the Hoffman challenge.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Judi ward class

Our doll club organised a designing a doll class with Judi Ward.  The class was well attended and we had lots of fun creating some lovely doll bodies. Judi as usual was a lovely teacher.   I who had already taken her online class years ago which started me on my doll making journey was so pleased to take a class with her hands on. Judi's methods are so easy that even a beginner can design a doll without problems. Here are some pictures of some dolls that were done in the class.

Heather' baby doll made in the workshop

Karen's baby doll made in the work shop

Shashi's baby doll made in the workshop 

Judi also made this doll  while she was teaching

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

July Meeting 2013

Although we were a bit thin on the ground we all were busy as little bees sewing away. Sally was doing some clothing for one of her "Spice Girls " Karen was beading Rosina and Isobel started on bodies, Judith was making shoes and a hat for a doll she started on a workshop with Sally way back in 2009. Anne made a good start on the Rainbow doll.
The Steam punk doll and the wonderful Red Queen head were both made by Anne

Steampunk Doll

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Last meeting

Since last two months we have had some wonderful talented members join our doll club.
Here are some of their beautiful creations.

The flower pot dolls and the beaded doll in case is by one of our new members Ann

The lily pad doll is by Jo another new member. The doll is a doll class doll pattern by Colleen Babock.

Last but not least this lady is by one of our founder members Mavis.
 and here is another live doll Karen one of our founder members busy as ever on the sewing machine