We are a group of cloth doll makers who meet once a month in Farnborough, Hampshire. There is a range of abilities, but we are all enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills, as well as practice old ones. It's a very friendly and low key environment in which to learn and craft, and while we do that we drink tea, eat donuts and discuss a wide range of topics.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

April 2018 meeting

We had a good attendance last meeting. Everybody seemed to be busy doing various things. Anne did a workshop on beaded doll. Karen ,Jenny,
Heather and Sally were all enthusiastic learners.

This was Anne’s sample dolls
Below are the dolls started by the ladies who were learning.

This is Cathy’s “doodle” stitching for an exhibition piece.

Cathy Turner, who had found us through visiting the quilt show in Farnham in January started a  Jan Horrox kit “Tallulah doll.

 Dee Hutchison who also found us through visiting the quilt show in Farnham brought in an antique Japanese doll which she wants to restore. It was interesting to see how the doll had been dressed. The doll was stuffed with straw and her cloths were stuck together with wheat paste as Dee informed us.
Her expertise in Japanese embroidery is going to be very useful in restoring this beautiful doll.

This is Mavis’s work in progress. A very interesting way of embellishing her doll.

This is Shashi’s Frozen doll which came out of the wood works to be beaded some more

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Some pictures at last

It has been a long time since we put some pictures up of our members. This is because we have been having problems trying to upload pictures after blogger discontinued its posting platform. We have been trying serveral other compatible platforms but they are all not very good. Anyway trying once more to see if this uploads.


In the meanwhile our members have been busy creating. Also our club exhibited the dolls in Farnborough quilting show.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

July meeting

We were a bit low in numbers last moth but we all had a good time
Cathy was making a card by cutting the design into paper for her husband.

Lucy was making her pretty paper flowers and she brought in this beautiful box of flowers 

Jenny had made progress with her Barbara Willis doll and we all are waiting to see the finished doll.

Friday, 28 July 2017

June 2017 meeting

Last month's meeting was well attended. Theresa showed how to make her lovely paper flowers

Ann showed her DIP the challenge doll.

Shashi completed her challenge doll . She made the clothing out of gift wrapping paper for the doll.

Cathy was working on her black and white quilt 

Ann brought her dolls that were made in a class. 

Maureen making a Barbara Willis doll

Jaqui making Ann's kit doll

Sally's buttons and bows doll.

I am extremely sorry about the poor quality of the last two pictures. For some reason they refused to come out in their pretty colours.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our members projects

These are some dolls that were in display in the Farnham quilt show


Below are Karen's wonderful geishas 

A little felted bird by Ann. Isn't he sweet .

Doll shoes made by Ann taught by Sally

Ann's Challenge doll in progress. A sewn body parts were given by Shashi and the challenge is to make up the doll and embellish it. Will be interesting to see what everyone does with it. Ann's doll is looking already gorgeous.


Mavis's wall hanging. She has incorporated a tiny doll to the theme

A cute quilt block by Cathy.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Christmas meeting

Happy New Year to all. It's a bit late but we were having problems uploading the images onto the blogs hence the delay. Hope it will be ok now.
The Christmas meeting was well attended. There was plenty of food and a good time was had by all. There were plenty of doll's on display.
Karen's full size geishas, Mavis's Cat and Mouse drew a lot of attention. Ann brought in her stump doll in progress which she hopes to make a pattern and release it this year. Margaret brought in her sweet little fairies and angels. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

August 2016 meeting

Being the holiday season our August meeting was rather thinly attended. However there were still some lovely displays by those who attended.
The geisha dolls were made by Maureen. She reduced the larger size pattern that Karen sent us and made these. They look lovely and we all thought that the smaller size really works well.

This beautiful Spanish lady was created by Maureen in Ray Slater's class

This lovely colourful dragon was made by Jenny. All the colours co-ordinate beautifully.

This is Karen's blond doll. She has beautiful tresses.
Mavis as always was making some fun figures. This is a cute mouse/rat she made. Reminds me of a mouse that once walked into my kitchen and gave me a scare 😀
This a fun looking cat she is working on. Both the figures are made in felt.

This is a fun wall hanging doll made by Shashi 

Like many of our multi talented ladies Ann Sanders's is a multi talented lady too.  Among many of her talents beading is one of them. This is a needle case and some beautiful bracelets that she has made